A Ubuntu 10.04LTS vmware image has been created for your convenience. It has several packages installed including:

    • gEDA

    • Eclipse

    • SVN, GIT

    • Geany

    • Wireshark

    • Octave

    • Gnuradio

    • OSSIE

The packages were specifically chosen to support SDR development. If you have other packages that should be included, please suggest in the comments section below.

Note that 10.04LTS has been chosen as it is supposed to be supported by Ubuntu until 2015.

The VM is put in several 300 MB partitions. You will need the 7-zip utility to combine and uncompress. This is available at 7-zip.





There is now a combined download available here.

The VM player is available from VMware.

The VM login information is:

username: panorf

password: panorf

Please post feedback and questions below. If you find this useful please don't forget to donate.